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POWER MARKETING RESEARCH offers a customizable MARKETING WORKSHOP that will help you take control of your marketing plan. Using our field-tested, proprietary MARKETING WORKBOOK you will clarify and crystallize your company's marketing strategy — the first step on your path to marketing success!


Whether you're celebrating 50 years in business, or just 50 days, having a marketing plan is a key element to your success.

If you've been thinking about whether your current marketing plan is working for you, or how to start one from scratch, contact Power Marketing Research to learn more about our customizable marketing workshop. We'll come to your office and present the workshop to you and your staff in either a half or full-day session that will put you on the path to marketing success.

Your workshop will include:

A well-defined process for navigating you through the creation of your marketing plan. Our workshop has been developed and refined using feedback from businesses.

An emphasis on hands-on activities. You'll work hard to create your plan, but our interactive method is guaranteed to keep you engaged.

A marketing strategy you can start implementing right away. At the conclusion of the workshop you will have a well-defined target audience and be ready to tackle the competition with your marketing goals in hand.


Each workshop attendee will have the opportunity to fill out PMR's proprietary marketing workbook. The marketing workbook was designed to create conversations about your marketing plan. It poses the critical questions, and includes tips and tricks for business of all sizes. Attendees have commented about how much fun it is to fill out.

The workbook will lead you through the following steps:

  • Define your business
  • Define your target market
  • Brand your business
  • Develop a comprehensive marketing plan
  • Create an advertising campaign to support your marketing plan
  • Develop a strong public relations strategy
  • Conduct research to find out what works and what doesn't
  • Provide outstanding customer service

When you complete the workbook you'll understand the core components of a good marketing strategy and also have in hand a solid marketing plan that you can start implementing today.

> View a sample of the workbook in PDF format

> Read about how PMR's workbook was used to help clients crystallize their marketing strategy


"This well organized workbook touches on all of the critical topics when marketing your business. I found the format extremely useful as it made me ask myself direct questions about my business that I may not have considered before."

"The step-by-step process helped my business develop tools to increase business and provide the best customer experience."

"Debra was great. She made the workshop interesting and fun."