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SURVEYS are a snapshot of what your customer base is thinking. How do people rate your customer service? What's the opinion of your entire constituency about an issue? What is the demographic profile of your typical customer? Surveys are a structured, formal way to gather data.



A survey conducted to measure the overall awareness of products and services. These surveys often are used to gather demographic data and discover market share.


A survey sent to a potential respondent in their email. The email may include the survey in the text of the message, or as an attachment. Alternatively, it may include a link to an external survey.


A survey sent via regular mail to a potential respondent. Surveys typically include a cover letter and reply envelope. Mail surveys allow you to sample a broad population.


A survey completed via a mobile device (smartphone or tablet). This method allows for gathering information quickly by conducting surveys in a broad range of locations.


A survey conducted to measure overall customer satisfaction with products or services. These surveys are often used to measure service and reputation.


A survey conducted over the telephone or a mobile phone. The conversation occurs between an interviewer and the survey respondent.

Web-Based or Internet-Based

A survey conducted online using a browser.