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SURVEYS are a snapshot of what your customer base is thinking. How do people rate your customer service? What's the opinion of your entire constituency about an issue? What is the demographic profile of your typical customer? Surveys are a structured, formal way to gather data.


Your customers are mobile and your marketing research should be too. Power Marketing Research provides mobile survey solutions that allow you to reach your customers and potential customers in almost any location. We can create mobile-ready and iPad-ready surveys for your most challenging needs. We can program the survey for your device so you can administer the survey, or have one of our trained staff gather the data for you.

Mobile surveys allow us to help you reach your target market in an interactive and engaging way that encourages participation.

Power Marketing Research will provide you with:

  • Survey methodology and design
  • Survey programming for mobile devices
  • Data collection
  • Data analysis
Our mobile survey solutions are customized to your needs and can include images as well as traditional survey questions.

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