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HEALTHCARE RESEARCH has been a specialty of POWER MARKETING RESEARCH for nearly a decade. We have gathered data from patients, nurses, physicians and other healthcare professionals through a variety of research methods. PMR staff are certified in PEERRS and have had other training in healthcare research.


The staff of Power Marketing Research is certified in PEERRS (the University of Michigan's Program for Education and Evaluation in Responsible Research and Scholarship).

We are PEERRS certified for human subjects research in:

  • Biomedical and health sciences
  • Social and behavioral sciences
We have also completed the NIH (National Institutes of Health) "Protecting Human Research Participants" training course.

President Debra Power has also published articles on healthcare research in peer-reviewed journals, including "Developing a Website in Primary Care" in Family Medicine, and "Rewriting the Rules" and "A Healthy Site" in Quirk's.


"Our project required a flexible recruitment strategy, as the subject matter was sensitive. Power Marketing Research evolved with us to maximize recruitment and help us achieve the ultimate success of our project."

Michael D. Fetters, MD, MPH, MA
Director, Japanese Family Health Program
Department of Family Medicine
University of Michigan Health System

"Power Marketing Research quickly assessed our research needs and fulfilled our objectives on time and on budget."

Mack Ruffin, MD
Professor of Family Medicine
Assistant Chair, Family Medicine
Medical School and Assistant Research Scientist, Epidemiology, School of Public Health
University of Michigan