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The Ann Arbor Hands-On Museum was host to a traveling exhibit featuring Bob the Builder and needed to gather data about the exhibit from visitors. The data helped the museum gauge the overall success of the exhibit, determine the demographic makeup of attendees, and assist in new exhibit planning.

Project Goals

The overall goal of the project was to answer the following questions:

  • How did Bob the Builder affect attendance?
  • Who was the audience for Bob the Builder?
  • What attracted people to come to the Bob the Builder exhibit?
  • What "post-Bob" options most appeal to visitors?

Data Collection Procedures

As visitors walked through the main concourse of the Museum, museum staff stopped adults and asked if they were willing to participate in a 5-7 minute interview while their children completed a short activity with museum staff. Data was collected using an interactive mobile survey on an iPod Touch.

Benefits of Mobile Surveys

According to the staff at the Ann Arbor Hands-On Museum the mobile survey had many benefits:

  • With a traditional paper/pencil survey, data entry would have been time-consuming and error-prone. The mobile survey eliminated data entry and reduced the possibility of error.
  • The iPod Touch was portable so the museum staff could easily walk around the exhibit and engage visitors.
  • Visitors enjoyed using the iPod. The interactive survey was fun to use and easy.


Power Marketing Research was asked to assist with branding, strategic communications planning, and creation of a marketing toolkit for the Michigan Saves Home Energy Loan Program. This program offers energy loans to help finance the cost of energy efficiency improvements for Michigan energy consumers including businesses, municipalities and residents.

The program is marketed directly to homeowners through home contractors and lenders, so an important goal was to put an effective set of tools into the hands of these communicators.

Brand Identity

Using the proprietary Power Marketing Research marketing workbook we conducted a branding workshop with the Michigan Saves Team. The group discussed critical issues around target audiences, competitors, positioning, and brand identity. Using this information a creative brief was developed, and later a logo.

PMR also helped create the Michigan Saves tagline — "Easy. Affordable. Smart." — and the elevator speech: "Michigan Saves is a nonprofit organization dedicated to making energy improvements easy and affordable."

Strategic Communications Plan

Michigan Saves also needed guidance on how to leverage the program among their target market using some of their key communicators. We provided direction on the target communities within Michigan to initially roll out the program. The strategic communication plan included details on how to use the tagline to deliver the message of energy efficiency to the homeowner, which communication mechanisms to use, and what tools should be created. The structure and content recommendations for the Michigan Saves website rounded out the plan.

Marketing Toolkit

Once the identity was created, a series of marketing tools needed to be designed so the program could be communicated effectively. We developed a business card, rack cards, mailing inserts, web ads, newsletter articles, PowerPoint template, and more. For appearances at events and workshops it was important to have branded apparel, so we made sure the new logo was front and center on polo shirts.


Mr. Chain is a crowd-control plastic chain and stanchion manufacturer located in Copemish, Michigan. For over 50 years, Mr. Chain has performed injection molding and extrusion of plastic products. The company was interested in learning how often it should communicate with customers and which types of communications would be most effective. The company also wanted to refresh their brand with a revised logo and modernized look and feel.

Power Marketing Research was asked to assist Mr. Chain in meeting these goals. PMR's custom-designed development process consisted of the following elements:

  • Mr. Chain completed selected pages from the PMR marketing workbook. This crystallized several critical areas related to target marketing and customer profile.

  • PMR developed a brief survey for customers, which was delivered to Mr. Chain's top 25 customers.

  • A creative brief was developed, revised, and approved by Mr. Chain. The creative brief served as the basis for the rebranding effort, which includes creation of a revised Mr. Chain logo. Draft logos were presented to Mr. Chain and revisions were made. A final logo was then chosen.

  • A brand standards toolkit, email newsletter template, and package labeling was designed based on the new brand.

  • Creation of a comprehensive marketing plan which included:

    • A series of strategic marketing goals and measurable objectives.
    • Target audience persona description for the various customer segments.
    • Proposed guideline and methods for reaching out to the markets most effectively via marketing channels.
    • Identification of proposed marketing materials and supporting documents.
    • Proposed methods for customer follow-up to marketing initiatives.
    • Proposed marketing and promotional activities.
    • Methods for measuring of the success of initiatives.


The Builders & Remodelers Association of Greater Ann Arbor (BRAG) is a member-supported organization of homebuilders, remodelers, building trades, design professionals, suppliers and associates in the greater Ann Arbor area. BRAG helps its members grow their business through networking, training, marketing, and advocacy.

Power Marketing Research conducted a series of focus groups for BRAG with past customers of BRAG members, and prospective customers. The purpose of the sessions was to discover how homeowners choose a contractor or remodeler; to test a series of marketing campaign and messaging; test usage of local media sources; and overall awareness and perceptions of BRAG.


The BetterBuildings for Michigan residential program provides direct support — including home energy assessments, incentives and access to affordable loan options — to Michigan homeowners looking to make their homes more energy efficient. The commercial program — SmartBuildings Detroit — leverages other incentives and energy optimization programs available to commercial property owners to encourage energy-efficiency improvements in commercial, institutional and public buildings in downtown Detroit.

Power Marketing Research assisted in facilitating marketing workshop sessions with the BetterBuildings for Michigan partners. Our marketing workbook was distributed to the partners; we assembled the responses to the workbook into a report; and presented the results during the workshop sessions. Our goal was to bring the group to consensus on key marketing and programmatic issues. We also created a set of branding guidelines for use of the BetterBuildings for Michigan logo.